On what happens next

Christmas is mostly over, the fridge can close easily, presents unwrapped and our family at least is about to head home.  What about Mary though? We think of her travelling whilst heavily pregnant,… Continue reading

On catching up. Day 180-200 #Photo365

I stopped posting but the habit of taking photos has continued.

On being rescued. Day 179 #Photo365

Taken just after he crawled into the paddling pool fully clothed…

On the grass. Day 178 #Photo365

Oh how he loves grass!

On Strawberry picking. Day 177 #Photo365

Just perfect. Yet again I almost missed the season but we made it!

On exploring. Day 176 #Photo365

Nothing is safe! Eek.

On our last meal. Day 175 #Photo365

It was a big one! And I can’t believe how similar the boys are starting to look- especially their hair in this picture.

On babies first dip in the sea. Day 174 #Photo365

A momentous occasion.

On the trampoline (again). Day 173 #Photo 365

One last bounce. And a much happier baby now two teeth are through.

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