While my baby naps…

…I try to read a little bit from the Bible.

[At this point it is important to note that baby is now 18 months old and I really should be capable of more than just watching old episodes of Downton Abbey while he sleep. Suffice to say I still find it hard to concentrate.]

Not chapters and chapters (how long do you think he sleeps for?!) but at least a couple of verses to sort of inspire me through the afternoon slot.

Today I read a little from Micah 5 and stumbled upon a lovely little pointer towards Jesus. Now if said baby napped better I might have been able to post quote, check original Hebrew (OK maybe not).  Anyway, its around about the beginning when we’re told a great everlasting leader and ruler be born in Bethlehem, one of the smaller, less important towns in Israel. As well as making me start thinking about the celebration of that leader: Jesus’ birth that many people celebrate at Christmas, it also makes me think again about the way- over and over again- God chooses the lesser people, tribes and places over the greater, more important, more expensive things.

I often wish that we had a nicer hall to go to church in (or go to “the meeting” as I tend to call it). I wish we had prettier, more stylish leaflets to give out to people. I wish we had music that wasn’t written 100 years ago.

It really shouldn’t worry me. God works with the small towns, the tucked away halls and the unimportant people to bring about salvation for the whole world.