I have 1 hour and 40 minutes left of Friday and I am going to record my Friday favourites.

One of my favourite blogs is finding job; it here at

I completely get the idea of spending a bit of time, being intentional (check me out-learning the lingo!), choosing to look and remember how blessed I am.

However, it is past my bedtime. No snazzy pics from me.

A plain list.

1. A Grandpa who cares where I’ve been this morning.

2. A friend who looks after my little one like he’s one of hers.

3. My very clingy 12 month old is turning into a confident 18 month old.

4. My car still works.

5. A husband who  goes out in the cold  to buy the milk I forgot.

6. A baptism to attend tomorrow.

7. A warm house. I really do appreciate this one.

I’m not quite sure of the correct etiquette, I don’t have time to add pictures, I’m not going to link up today. But next week I will try again.