Upcycling: Jeans to skirt

I do like to make things. Particularly things for me to wear.

There is a slight problem with this; I am the opposite of a perfectionist.

I cut corners, I pin things together and sew immediately instead of tacking- they go wonky. (Seen this?!! That’s the sort of mess I make.)

Missing ingredients for the pie? Nevermind…baby AND husband refuse to eat it. Or the cake rises over the tin and everywhere in the oven.

Upcycling is my new craze, Quick, simple projects, which (hopefully) look good.

So, I found my self a tutorial.  I made a few mistakes which you may find useful to know about, so you can avoid them, should you have an old pair of jeans lying around.

1. Got a pair of jeans that are falling apart and chopped them off at the knee. Then I remembered I am trying to keep a blog and before and after pictures would be helpful. Too late!

1. After i chopped the legs chopped off, I unpicked the middle seams pinned in a triangle of jeans material. This was the first time I went wrong. You are meant to pin wrong side to wrong side to create a seam that is flat at the front. I had simply folded the raw edge over to make it neat and stuffed my triangle underneath! Unpick 1.



2. I tried the skirt of to choose what length I wanted it to be and it flared out to the side. Not in a floaty-twirly way, in a strange-fat-thighs sort of way. Unpick 2.

3. I them hemmed the bottom. Three times! Next time I will check I am actually sewing when I think I am- the bobbin kept jamming and the thread snapping so I kept sewing nothing. Then I didn’t bother to re-pin the hem so it ended up slightly wonky!


I did manage to finish it though. I tried to take a nice picture, but I never really have got the art of posing and the little one has got the art of photo bombing.


I have worn it in public- must be OK.

Any suggestions for my next project?

Or a slightly more interesting version of the skirt?

I did find a tutorial which looked like you might just have a little split each side and no triangle in the middle of the front and back which may be an idea but the legs of my jeans wanted to point out to the side…