National trust love #fridayfaves


It feels like it’s rained all of December. I find it hard going when the evening are long, and the days spent indoors so it was lovely to get outside this week. I really do not understand how people manage to keep toddlers inside all day. All that running and throwing and shouting- great outside, hard work inside.

So we’ve got a friend who likes being outside as much as we do: Horay! Her baby came too. Thirty minutes in the car and we arrived at Charlcote Park.

It was a lovely old building complete with a little dove house decorated for Christmas. The little one saw sheep and was very excited to be baaaed at.

Best of all, it had a coffee shop in the orangery.


The little one walked a bit and than went up “back” for a ride. Best way to explore a very muddy parkland.

I do like National trust. Plus, I’m only 25 so for this year I still count as a young person and so it’s really quite cheap for a years membership. I can’t wait for summer and picnics outside, but that day made me realise I can still have little adventures in Winter.

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