All change


Another family member has probably got the lurgy so we are staying well away. We were meant to be celebrating a late Christmas with them so I’m rather disappointed. Plus I’d packed which takes ages!

So, instead we’ll be having a quieter weekend. This is good.

I think we’re going to be having some changes soon,and I’m trying my best to look at them positively but change scares me.IMG_0174

In an effort to enjoy the changes, it’s Friday faves again… Good, and hopeful, things about change!

  1. New friendships
  2. New food- success with the slow cooker. (Don’t worry friend who has leant it to me: I scraped all the burnt bits off from last week just fine.)
  3. Learning new things- I’m starting my training for a new job which is both terrifying and exciting.
  4. Opportunities to see more of family-once they are bug free and bleached.
  5. New films- Les Miserable is out next Friday and the trailer looks fab.
  6. Church feels like it’s becoming a bit more flexible, a little more outward looking which is hopeful.
  7. Little one asks to pray at bedtime, Its part of his delaying tactics but cute.And treasuring that he does notice the things we do with him to teach him about God.
  8. Muddy boots in the car-means it has been dry and warm enough to go out for two walks this week. I have eaten so much chocolate it felt good to get active again.

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