Between 3pm & 6pm…#Friday Faves

What are you meant to do with toddlers?

It’s that post-lunch, after nap, pre-tea slump.

In England it’s cold and wet and starting to go cold. In the summer we went to the park. I got a tan, little one (LO) played. Fab. Not such fun in Winter.

This week I was determined to not just watch Fireman Sam and so we Did Some Stuff.

  1. Duplo. Yay for Uncles and Grandparents who bought me (sorry, the little one), new toys! We can play with this for a good hour, but that still leaves us with two hours to fill till tea time.


2. Cycling. Great on the way. LO cried all the way back. Parenting fail: Put my gloves on but not the LOs.

Bike with Child seat

3. We went shopping. LO kept saying Car. Car. To everyone who we met. He wanted to sit in the car pretending to drive.

4. One day I went to work and LO went to a friends to play. This was quite successful, although I enjoyed work, I do miss the LO.

5. We wrapped up and went to a park and found the biggest slide!


I’m learning to enjoy the slow afternoons a little more. Beside, it’ll be spring soon 🙂
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