On being ill


I am a fit and healthy person. I do not get ill. I had an illness free pregnancy and then stayed bug free for 20 months.

Then January happened. Winter sickness bug.

February followed. I am snuggled up with a hot water bottle and toilet roll as I’ve used up all the tissues in the house.

Woe is me.

But less woe then in January, as in January my husband was ill at the same time.

So here are my top-tips on surviving illness with a very active toddler in the house.

1. Do not get ill at the same time as other half. If you are both ill decide who is most ill and then re-negotiate every hour.

2. iPlayer

3. Youtube- for when you’ve watched all iPlayer has to offer.

4. Hot water bottle. Makes any sort of illness seem better.

5. Blankets. We have a Slanket which I laughed at mocked, and use every  evening in Winter. Love it.

6. Loooong afternoon naps when toddler naps.

7. Lemsip. Magical properties to cure any cold/flu/sore throat symptoms. We have tesco own brand stuff and then some super dooper shiny branded Lemsip ones we save for when we are feeling very unwell.

8. Cleaning. I would just not clean while ill but I feel that the potential benefits of not spreading illness is worth the pain of cleaning. So, I don’t bother with vacuuming, tidying etc but the kitchen, toilets, tables and door handles all get a good load of anti-bac.

9. Chocolate. Not for sickness bugs but anything else I’m sure comfort eating does a lot of good.

10. Friends. I like to cope by ourselves  but sometimes it’s just needed to say yes to offers of help with the little one, yes to meals being made for us and yes to covering our commitments. Thank you friends.

photo credit: ✄——coconut via photopin cc