On Waiting for spring #Friday Faves

My Friday faves almost turned into Friday fails until I read Rachel  Martin’s post on gratitude last week.

These simple posts were a way for me to force myself to look for good things in the middle of life. I’ve been writing them for two years now, and they have proven to be a beautiful written record of gratitude. And honestly, practising gratitude has changed my life. I’ve become more aware of the little things, more positive, and honestly more grateful for each day I’m blessed to live.

This week, these last couple of weeks have not made me feel especially grateful. But if I look back carefully I remember the friends who helped out, my husband who was cutting out cardboard Mr and Mrs Noahs at 10.30pm on Friday evening.

I am also grateful for tractors.

Dulpo, chocolate and our fire.

For a little boy that is just so excited to be awake and start the day (but please, not at 5.30am again).

For the fun that is chasing cats.

Mostly I am grateful that spring will be on its way soon.


photo credit: Ennor via photopin cc

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