On arriving somewhere new

Manifold Valley, Peak District

Manifold Valley, Peak District

We’ve been staying in the peak district with friends in a massive house and I do love exploring somewhere new for the first time. I have a quick race round to get the feel of the place and then go back and have a look closer.

I have a streak of Anne from the famous five I’m me- I enjoy putting our food in the cupboards and clothes in the drawers. I never used to unpack- on holiday but it feels so much nicer, even if were just somewhere for a couple of days to not be tripping over a massive suitcase. Although, tonight we’ve got here a bit late so we’ve dumped evening and I’m getting the little one to sleep. [Edited to add: We never did unpack; I like the idea of tidiness more than the effort of doing it!]

Living in a massive house- I could get used to it…! I loved the kitchen with a huge table in it and the lounge with three sofas and three armchairs.

We were away with our prayer group. This means lots of kids. I’m hoping we got to know each other a little better so that we’ll become a group that can confess our faults to each other (James 5v16). So we can be there for each other when life gets hard. So someone can pull me up in my little white lies and tick box following God.

I don’t want to live in a bubble of only having friends who are Christians but it’s important to have some good friends who are also trying to follow God, and understand why I’m out of the house at 8.45 on a Sunday morning.

It’s also good for me as a Mum to realise that everyone else’s kids are having tamper tantrums too and to watch and learn how to deal with them. It’s good for our little ones to get to know each other and to get to know other adults- it takes a village to raise a child!