On having too many choices

'breakfast in texas' photo (c) 2010, Rian Castillo - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/I’m really not as ungrateful as I sound. But I have a lot of sympathy with my toddler when I ask him what he wants for breakfast and he goes;


Then none of the resulting breakfasts are every quite what he imagined and it’s just.not.good.enough.

I don’t know where to go camping. I should keep looking as there might be somewhere better if I spend enough time looking. I need some new trousers. Which ones? Where from? Jeans come in like 10 colours instead of just light or dark. What to have for lunch. Which scooter to buy for the small one. What to do tomorrow. So instead of choosing something I do nothing. We have no camp-site booked, I just sewed up my jeans again and the little one doesn’t have a scooter.

I’ve not really worked out how to spend money without feeling guilty. It’s a funny hangover from being a student where the big things (accommodation etc) were taken care over but I had the time to spend a while day buying a pair of jeans. Now I get one shop and 3 pair max to try on before the small one takes off and I have to chase him back into the changing room while discovering that the skinny jeans, well they are basically too skinny.

The idea of simple living appeals but I am absolutely conned into thinking I need new stuff and one in every colour! Some choice is nice but it takes so much effort to sift through the options in a quest for the ‘right’ answer or the ‘best’ of something.

So in an effort to reduce my state of paralysis from too much choice I am going to stop worrying about it. If we have a naff camping site, we’ll probably enjoy the holiday later. If I choose the wrong shade of jeans I’ll get a different colour next year. If the scooters not great, we’ll put it on ebay. I’ll be aiming for a state of ‘good enough!’

As for breakfast…cereal or nothing!

Photo photo © 2010 Rian Castillo , Flick via wylio.com