On transportation # Friday Faves

We’ve had a week of transportation here! The little one has carefully moved lots of little stone from the ground to a step…and back again. Soup has moved from the bowl to plate and sand has moved from one side of the walk way to the other.


Putting the recycling out takes ten times as long as usual with all the help I get.


But my favourite transportation this week was a ball down to the park.


It was late in the afternoon, as I start to get bored and we could go out, and it was fun and relaxing. The little one hides in bushes (he walks up to them and puts his face in them!) and he can chase his ball all the way down the hill. I got a chance to check my e-mail while he played and then we slowly walked back.

I’ve also had a moment of understanding. A “Riiiight” moment. This article by Rebecca Woolf. I have to admit I thought she was writing in nap times and snatched moments. Whilst it’s great to be inspired by her blog, I really would catch myself thinking I should be more productive, do more interesting activities with the small one and maybe put some thought into what I’m  wearing! She has an amazing blog. Love reading it, will continue reading it. But I feel greatly reassured by that 35 hours of childcare she uses! Its good to be honest about what makes our lives work- whether that’s help from friends, a Nanny, cleaner or just accepting a less perfect way of life for a season.
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