On finishing something- a half buckled baby sized carrier

There’s always a need for just one more carrier but they are quite expensive. After making one myself I now feel that they are expensive for a good reason as it wasn’t quite as straight forward as I had hoped! I mized together two tutorials to try and get my favourite features of different carriers I’ve tried.

My favourite design features- for a newborn-9 months carrier

  • Bucked waist- I find ones that tie scrunch up around my hips and dig in.
  • Light paddling on the waist- I love my Manduca but as this carrier is for small babies I’d prefer something slightly less structured.
  • Curved waist. Just copied the way the Manduca looked as it seems to work well!
  • Wrap style straps. I like the way on a Caboo, stretchy or woven you can cup your shoulder with fabric which works well in spreading the weight out. I also like the way they then cup the babies bottom for extra support and, well, I just think they look comfy!
  • Curved top of baby carrier to provide some head support. I did intend on making a hood that could be buttoned on but the little head rest worked so well when I tried it I think I might get away without it.

This isn’t a proper tutorial- more of a few steps to point you in the right direction. For more information look at Latebloomercrafts, Kristen’s Mei-tai tutorial and Kerry’s description of how to attach the straps. I couldn’t find a tutorial for a half-buckle so I made it up as I went along!

And here it is; the finished carrier with my beautiful friend and her six week old daughter…

Thea and baby IMG_3684