On: What I’m into November 2013

Babies… One baby in particular, mine! I can’t quite believe he’s here, but he made his entrance ten days early and suddenly I am outnumbered by boys.


Writing…I haven’t done much writing for a while, I think growing a baby uses my creativity, Now he’s here and I’m having a slower pace if life I feel its time to get writing again.

Books…Life after life by Kate Atkinson. First book that I’ve read on a kindle. I feel a if I’ve sold out somehow but it was great to go ‘I want a book to read this instant, clock buy and be reading it seconds later! Such a great book too. It felt like reading one of those books where you choose your adventure by reading a different page next depending on whether you want your character to go left down the lane or right into the fields. But much more ‘grown up’ with great characters. I’m slightly disappointed I bought it for the kindle as I have a couple of friends who if normally pass on a book like this to.

Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde. I actually read this ages ago but reread it this month as it’s such a good read and I love in hope of a sequel. Just checked his website and sadly no mention of a sequel.

Blogshttp://biblesnippets.com/sleeve-mk-1/  Keeping it in the family- my husband has started a new blog about interesting Bible stuff, and this is a project he’d been keen to try for a while and is now being regularly used.

Drinking…Redbush and rhubarb tea. From a coffee shop called Coffee Cloud. When my toddler saw a picture on the wall off a cup in a cloud he thought it was the funniest thing ever- the cloud’s having a cup of tea mummy! The refuses gives just enough sweetness to take the edge off the redbush.

Out and about… The little one has been scooting faster and faster. So we’ve been doing more walks on pavements. He got very sad at all the leaves falling off the trees because a) it was just sad and b) they got in the way of his scooting.


Inside….Playdoh, books about fire engines and sadly Peppa Pig. As we are going to be spending more time inside than I think I need to get on pinterest for inspiration!

So, I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer for her 1st anniversary edition of what I’m into!