On Survival

…my one word for 2014.


I love new years resolutions! The beginning of a new year; time to start again, get things right this time. I used to write 29 point lists that were forgotten by February. So, last year I joined with other bloggers and simplified. Last year I choose the word possibilities. I tried to be open to possibilities. An attitude to life, rather than a to do list. I think it did make me more open to new things, new friendships and I did keep thinking back to it throughout the year.

However, this year, 2014, I begin with two small children and a slow recovery after giving birth in November. So, I’m going to try and reign in any lofty ambitions for this year and aim for survival. It’s not like we’re living in the woods and I’m having to cook over an open fire- more about keeping things simple, not too busy and just trying to get the basics right.

The basics, for me, are shelter-the house, food, faith and friends.

Ideally I would like our home to be welcoming for our friends to pop in whenever. My faith is built up more from conversations with friends over a cup of tea than structured meetings at the moment so it’s important to me not to be ‘too tired’ or ‘too busy’ for that to happen.

If I have extra energy I will learn to cook better, or even just a couple more meals that are healthy and don’t rely on a jar of sauce!

And (oh dear- I’m already trying to be overambitious!) I would like to be outside as much as possible, picnics in the summer. It could be part of surviving a 2 year old, but also enjoying my 2 year old- noisy running around it much better in the fields than indoors!

Survival. Keeping it simple and celebrating the basics.

P.S. And hopefully linking in with New Beginning over at the Bible synchroblog.

P.P.S. Ahah! Success! Not only am I included in the list of blogs but here is the list for you to peruse.

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