On playing #fridayfaves (and 3/365 snuck in too)

This week has been partly great- husband off work and no plans, and partly hard- shock of husband going back to work.

Again, I’m trying not to moan too much, and remember the good bits. This week the good bits were…

1. Imagination- Z’s imagination specifically! There have been times this week when Z’s imagination has entertained him for hours. This is especially useful as baby J seems to think he should be fed and winded for hours.

Z’s Favourite Things to imagine are;

  •  Being fireman Sam rescuing  duplo people in the sink.
  • Make monsters out of play-doh and have them eaten by dinosaurs.
  • Pretending to read books & making the story up. Especially if he’s got stickers as well.


  • Cooking and feeding people- including baby J! Oh, this is my 3/365 photo too. Must try and get one in focus soon…



2. Friends- to push the pushchair, wind baby J and chase big Z.

3. Christmas chocolate. Big Z got given quite a lot. I am ‘helping’ him with it.

4. A warm house. It’s been horrible outside, our fence even blew down but inside it is lovely.

5. Music. Our music system wasn’t working for a while and I realised how much I enjoy having it on. Mostly just in the background but it makes me feel subconsciously happier.