On DIY: A half-buckle baby carrier

I love carrying my babies and have purchased a number of different baby carriers. I mentioned before about the carrier I made and this is how I did it. It’s largely a mix of two tutorials (Scandi Mei tai and one that I can’t seem to access any more) but as I couldn’t specifically find one for a half-buckle I thought it would be useful to have a tutorial- even if it’s only to remind myself if I make another one!


1) Cut out the straps. Straight lines are a good place to start. My straps we’re 180cm by 25cm plus an extra 10cm length just in case. I’m a size 10 but I want it to be used by people who are a little bigger too.


2) Cut out the body. I have an inner and outer and then the thicker khaki green is the sturdy supporting liner. It’s longer as it folds under and the waist strap thread through it. I’ve cut in an angle where the babies legs will come out and curved the top for head support. I’m not entirely sure who where the straps attach to sticks out but I think it makes it easier to sew up neatly. Try without and let me know how it goes!

There’s only one side of the waist strap seen here as I folder the material before cutting to save on sewing.


3) Pin and hem the straps. Loooong straight lines. The smaller and tighter the hem the better.


4) Pin the webbing to the waist band. I got mine and the buckle from needlesports.com and it cost me £10.20 including delivery- and I got two buckles so I can make another one at some point!


5) Bartrack the webbing to the waist strap. I did it twice, just to make sure! Apparently this is more secure than an X-box see link.


6) Pin and bartrack the straps to the liner. Pin and sew the padding just inside the seam allowance for the leg curves.


7) Fold the liner under and sew together ( 2 lines of straight stitches). In the picture I have threaded the waist band through. The waist band is 2 pieces made from the strong liner material (also used for straps) sewn right sides together and then turned inside out. Inside it has the liner shown in step 5, which I also attached two pieces of fleece to, the same size and shape as the liner.


8) Sewed around the edges of the carrier (1 inch seam allowance) avoiding the edges where the waist band and shoulder straps come out.


9) Turned the carrier inside out through one of the shoulder straps.

10) Top stitched the shoulder straps.

11) Hand stitched the sides of the carrier to the waist strap coming out (too thick to go through my machine!)

12) Hand stitched the ends of the waist band where the webbing comes out- too make it neater than top stitch.

IMG_3672 IMG_3671



I will add some action pics soon but this tutorial has been half written for so long I was worried I would forget how I made it!