On toys. Day 26 #Photo365

I am rather conflicted about toys. I don’t want a house full of plastic tat that doesn’t get played with but there are a lot of hours in the day, and a lot of amazing toys out there.

My strategy at the moment (with a 2 year old) is to go for sets of toys and then imaginative toys. So we’ve (thanks to Grandparents and ebay) now got a good amount of train track so you don’t have to just make the set track but can be creative, go on rescue missions and play with it with other children.


We also like Octonauts toys- many many rescue missions to be had. But then I see play kitchens, building sets, dressing up clothes and want to buy the shop!

I do have to remember that when I start to get carried away thinking our boys should have Every Toy That Has Ever Existed, often it is the stichttp://toyhalloffame.org/toys/stickk that it’s the best toy of all!