Hey there.

Deciding how to explain myself in a couple of sentences is tricky. I haven’t decided yet, exactly who or how I want to be. It’s a while till I’m thirty- I’ll let you know then. Meanwhile, this is a little bit about me, but more about what I want to do with this space.

I would like to write about; sewing, biblical stuff, baby things, especially attachment parenting and babywearing. I would love to write about my latest holiday to Canada, with a stop-off in New York, but I can’t see that happening for a while! I am interested fascinated by people and their stories, hopefully I will collect some and write them here. 

I really am trying to draw near to God, so that he will draw near to me. I want to keep room in my heart for the love of the Bible and to show this in the things I do.

I three boys. One husband, one toddler (Z) and one baby (J). This means I am not going to be writing deep intellectual essays. To be honest, even pre-boys I probably wouldn’t have written deep intellectual essays. I do like lists though! I probably should never hit publish at 3am but in all likeliness will do so as it’s a nice quiet time to finish writing so expect frequent spelling/logical errors

I go to a Christadelphian church. I definitely do not speak for all Christadelphains but I would be surprised if I say anything they disagree big time with.

I reserve the right to change me mind in the future about anything I write. If you would like to help change my mind, please comment.

Thanks for popping onto my blog. Have a niiiiiice day.