On sunny kisses. Day 172 #Photo365

I also discovered the selfie button on my phone 🙂 Advertisements

On an evening walk. Day 171 #Photo365

It was a perfect evening. I climbed to the top of the headland we’ve been looking up to from the beach and watch the sun start to set.

On baby press-ups. Day 170 #Photo365

Thankfully for our bucket and spade holiday he hasn’t learnt how to crawl yet. But it won’t be long!

On daddy love. Day 169 #Photo365

All pile in!

On chillin. Day 168 #Photo365

After a tiring morning at the beach this is what happens.

On luvin the remote. Day 167 #Photo365

No, he won’t share.

On the trampoline. Day 166 #Photo 365

Yes, he has bags under his eyes and looks tired. I probably do too after a number of 3am party nights!

On missing my pushchair. Day 165 # Photo 365

We saw that where we are staying could provide us with a pushchair so we didn’t bother bringing ours. Mistake! I hadn’t realised how much stuff we needed for two kids, how often… Continue reading

On eating next to a dinosaur. Day 164 #Photo 365

Must be a little off putting.

On plants. Day 163 # Photo 365