While feeding my toddler at 5am # Friday faves

I thought of these verses… Psalm  22:8- 10 “He trusts in the LORD; let him deliver him; let him rescue him, for he delights in him!” Yet you are he who took me… Continue reading


Now, theoretically this looks simple. It’s small, one colour,  and unlike knitting requires only one needle at a time. But it is still possible to go very wrong. Mistake number 1: It’s so… Continue reading

Snow day #friday faves

I actually hate snow. I have tried, I went out today, but the little one cried, I got cold hands, we came home. However, I am very grateful that; 1) I did not… Continue reading

Reasons I should write a blog

It will teach me to be more careful with my time Bearer of good news  Might grow spiritually Spreader of good things People who read it will realise I am far from perfect… Continue reading

Perilous times

2 Timothy 3v3 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. Perilous times. Sounds very dramatic. I once read a book called “The Sea of Peril” in which a… Continue reading

Between 3pm & 6pm…#Friday Faves

What are you meant to do with toddlers? It’s that post-lunch, after nap, pre-tea slump. In England it’s cold and wet and starting to go cold. In the summer we went to the… Continue reading

All change

Urg. Another family member has probably got the lurgy so we are staying well away. We were meant to be celebrating a late Christmas with them so I’m rather disappointed. Plus I’d packed… Continue reading

Upcycling: Silk scarves

I recently found this amazing tutorial from Rachel Tree Talker. Love it! Made some for my beautiful friends. The problem I had was finding silk squares that were the same size and matched.… Continue reading

One word: Possible

I always love new beginnings. The chance to do everything right. To have a school book with no mistakes in it. Change is also good, doing the same thing over and over again… Continue reading

National trust love #fridayfaves

It feels like it’s rained all of December. I find it hard going when the evening are long, and the days spent indoors so it was lovely to get outside this week. I… Continue reading