On sharing. Day 152 #Photo365

Or not. Whatever it’s great while it lasts! Advertisements

On doing yoga. Day 151 #Photo365

While trying to crawl there’s lots of interesting moves going on.

On a picnic in the woods. Day 150 #Photo365

Ah, woods. I never used to like woods when we went on walks as compared the the top of hills with big sweeping views they were the dingey wet trudge you had the… Continue reading

On being surprised. Day 149 #Photo365

As a baby things just happen to you. The world is a surprising and unpredictable place. I think that’s why they look a bit confused a lot of the time.

On the usefulness of hands. Day 148 #Photo365

For playing, eating and defending oneself from incoming toys courtesy of your big brother.

On sitting. Day 147 #Photo365

Sitting is a very useful skill. It makes bathing so much easier, they can see so much more and go in a bigger pushchair with more room to wriggle. He’s not quite there… Continue reading

On eating everything. Day 146 #Photo365

I guess toys are designed to withstand a little chewing. But paper, kitchen roll, shoes, clothes and especially the table are all being tasted these days. P

On doing Stuff. Day 145 #Photo 365

Things- life, babies, bodies etc must be getting easier as a train ride into the city to go to the market seemed like fun. And it was!

On being a mother of boys. Day 144 #Photo365

I sometimes wonder that given gender stereotypes are somewhat based in reality how this affects me as a Mum. If, my boys are happier outside and need lots of running around time then… Continue reading

On trying to move. Day 143 #Photo365

He tries so hard but the harder he tries the quicker he goes backwards!