On Napping. Day 142 #Photo365

There is so much peace in this little face. Advertisements

On cuteness. Day 141 #Photo365

It’s a good thing he’s cute as he keeps being ill. Ill babies are not fun.

On being awake In the early hours of the morning. Day 140 #Photo365

5am. 5AM. Really?!! I like children past 7am.

On Adventures with friends. Day 138 #Photo365

How I like our Friends. They make the days go quickly and the hours pass happily. an d

On Daddies’ back. Day 137 #Photo365

We all like a little wigwam building.

On a towel at the bottom of the garden. Day 139 #Photo365

I came across this quote on Instagtam via Elerado. There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colours are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever… Continue reading

On having a shiny new phone. Day 136 #Photo365

We’ll, yes, it is lovely to have a phone without a long lag time. Instant photos are something of a novelty so I keep accidentally taking more than one at a time as… Continue reading

On a towel in the garden. Day 135

Happy moments from a day largely filled with a sad poorly baby.

On Not eating. Day 134 #Photo365

Some days this one eats anything as long as it isn’t food.

On the Garden swing. Day 133 #Photo365

This is the life. Sometimes it’s hard work but sometimes we sit in the shade, watch the trees and chill.